FFFFEEEEWWWWWWWWW…I am glad the weekend is OVER!!!

It’s stressful hosting a baby shower at your house, granted I didn’t do the party prep (i.e. invites, games, food etc.) BUT getting your house ready for a party is stressful! 

I am not a natural party host were I don’t really care what condition the houses is in and say things like “more the merrier,” I’m sure those words probably won’t ever come out of my mouth. Haha! I like to have the house looking tip-top shape and my backyard looking fab as well. Granted our yards pretty much always look good BUT the house not so much. Working, school commuting, football, two messy kids and oh did I mention a daughter named “Madison-the Spitting Food out Tornado”!!! Yeah not so fun, but on the bright side it makes you do things on your cleaning list you don’t always do, like clean the windows on the outside….and man-oh-man are they are sparkly!

BUT before the baby shower happened we had a pretty fun long weekend. Bryce had three homeschool days this past week and I loved it! I miss teaching him all the time, but with schedules getting busier and Madison’s school requirements growing it’s been a nice balance. I know Bryce enjoyed being on the dairy again all day too, his Dad and Uncle took him out to lunch one day and the another day they went and got drinks at Frank’s…

 All of us were back together- The Mehaffey Pack was back!

How to take a good picture with Madison? You have to have the camera on in the front so she can see herself…I learned from a lot of no so good looking pics. 

I’ve started packing the kids and I these little snack packs with cheese, crackers, pepperoni and some sorta fruit (grapes, apples etc.) in these little square containers with silicone cupcake liners as the dividers.

They love them…it’s like a homemade lunchable! 

Madison got tired of walking, so she caught a ride with the bottles.

Then Uncle Ty caught a ride too, mostly to make sure Madison stayed seated!

Now onto the shower…

One of the stars of all parties is the food or dessert and my Tia totally knocked it out of the park with this candy bar station! She filled different sized glass jars with candy that you could scoop into these hand-crafted milk cartons my Mom made. 

The candy bar was so creative and thoughtful with all the details which made it so cute!

We also had these fun handcrafted chocolate dipped treats my Mom’s cousin Mandy made. We had chocolate dipped marshmallows, rice krispy treats, and chocolate dipped strawberries yum! 

And see those brownies in the back…I made those, not as fancy as everything else but they tasted amazing!!

Mom, Sister…Me!

This wood sign with her daughter’s name on it had to be one of my favorites! 

A fraction of the whole Familia.

Grandma Karen and Riley.

Riley and her closes girlfriends. (from left, Blair, Jasmine, Riley, Candice, Trisha, and Amanda)

Mahalia and Preggers.

Tia Rocky and Preg. 

Papa and Grandma.

This was the best pic I could get of Madison and Pregnant Tia.

Or it could of been this…

When I see this picture, it makes my heart smile because that’s my Sissy-pie, that’s her personality and her goofiness and I love every part of her. 

All-in-all it was a GREAT shower and it takes a village to pull it off, but it was worth all the stress and tiredness to have a fun time with family and to celebrate Holly’s arrival.

Have a great week!


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