Do you have a certain day you like to go grocery shopping and a certain time you usually go?!? 

I know I do…I like to go grocery shopping at Walmart on Sunday Mornings early, when the store is less crowded, all the shelves are stocked and you can get in and out! So on Sunday when I was at the store, they had a bag of lemons on sale for $2, and ding-ding-ding, a light bulb went off in my head, I picked up two bags and told Bryce let’s make homemade lemonade!

He was all for it! Bryce is my little cook in the making, one of his favorite shows on TV is Chopped on Food Network and Guy’s Grocery Games.  

But for us to make a nice cold pitcher of Lemonade we needed a juicer and a pitcher. Off to the kitchen department, they had the cutest little juicer and an inexpensive glass pitcher with a little dispenser on the bottom. Both items for less than $15…woohoo!

OK on to the pictures…

First we started out by making our simple syrup, which is equal parts water to equal parts sugar.

1 Cup water – 1 Cup Sugar or 4 Cups Water – 4 Cups Sugar

Here we did 3 to 3, only because I RAN OUT OF SUGAR!!!

What…who runs out of sugar, especially when the sugar gods know you are making lemonade!!!?

Now you pour your sugar in and stir, stir, stir, until all to sugar is dissolved.

It looks kinda thick and syrupee.

Now cutting the lemons in half! This was Bryce’s first time cutting lemons and he did excellent, he used his kids knife he received for x-mas from my Mom. She purchased the knives from Amazon and I have to say they work pretty good!

Here’s the link to where you can purchase the knives.

I wanted him to try cutting some lemons with a citrus knife and teach him how to cut using a sharp knife. The confidence and nervousness set in with a real knife and I suggested he go back to his knife so he wouldn’t feel so nervous about cutting. 

We cut about 8-10 lemons in half before we started juicing.

Here’s our little juicer…isn’t cute!?

Bryce was a juicing machine!

Once all your lemons are juiced you combine the fresh squeezed lemon juice with the simple syrup you made earlier.

Stir to combine and of course do a taste test to see if you need to add more water, lemons or sugar and adjust accordingly.

NOW pour the lemonade into a pretty pitcher! Like I said, I purchased this pitcher from Walmart for less than $10 in the kitchen department.

We made our lemonade a little strong because we filled our pitcher to the top with ice and when the ice melts, it will water it down.

Now for the first glass of ice-cold lemonade!

It was a success!!!

We are already making plans for next time making strawberry lemonade!?!!

This process was fun, well worth the wait and it was great Mommy-Son bonding time while Sissy was taking a nap.

Click the video, it is a must see and funny!

Thanks for watching and tuning in, we will see you next time!

p.s. I had Bryce’s permission to post video 🙂


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