This past weekend was a BIG weekend for us. Not only was Halloween on Friday, Bryce’s last football game on Saturday, BUT my niece was born!!! My Saturday felt like forever but it was well worth the wait to see the little Holly!

On Fridays Bryce doesn’t have school, that is one of his homeschool days. We worked during the day at the dairy and in the evening we spent Halloween at my in-laws. My Mother-in-law always does a cute job decorating for the kids. 

Madison liked seeing the spiders.

The kids love being together all dressed up, running and chasing each other around.

The hardest thing is getting them all together for a group photo and ALL of them looking the same way! I just kept snapping and I was bound to get something…

I think this was probably the best one out of fifteen…ha!

Not everyone was looking in the same direction, but everyone had a cute smile.

Madison and my niece Brylan love to be together and ride the rip-rider at the same time, Cinderella peddles and Tinker Bell sits!

On our way to trick or treat…

My settings were totally off on my camera, although I kinda like how it turned out.

The next morning was Saturday and we had to be at an away-game bright and early and it was FREEZING!

As you can tell from those clouds…they do not look warm.

Bryce had Under Armour on underneath his uniform, the wind was blowing so hard he was freezing, so I gave him my big jacket and I wore a vest I had in the car.  The kids were so cold…

What I love about this picture is Bryce looks like Grood, from Despicable Me?!?!!  

Kids were running in circles to stay warm.

If majority of the kids were dressed for the weather I don’t think it would of been a total disaster or the parents, wink-wink!

Now onto the HOSPITAL!

We all waited patiently and made the most of our time and had fun while waiting for Baby Holly to arrive!

Check out my video below to see my whole Saturday wrapped up in 11 minutes and 24 seconds!

It’s definitely a must see… 

Thanks you for reading, watching and tuning in and I will see you soon!

Have a GREAT Day,


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