My husband and I went out for dinner alone, no kids :),  which the last time we went out for dinner alone was back in early August! We both picked a tried and true Mexican restaurant we absolutely love and use to frequent often before kids.

On the drive there Jer asked me, “If you could do it all again, what would you be doing?”…career, kids, ag…etc…

To be completely honest I said, “Oh I hate those type of questions…I’m not going to answer that…” (In a calm, laughing tone.) 

Jer- Why?

Me- Because I don’t like my mind to doubt, rethink, or process should I of done that?, would I done this, or could I’ve tried this….NO…I’ve trained my mind not to think like that! 

I make a decisions and I move my focus to it and am confident in it and I don’t let outside judgement get to me!

Jer- Do you think you might of continued down the accounting route, or became a teacher…?

Me- NO I am happy with where my life is at today, yesterday and the near future! You never know what the future holds, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have goals and aspirations for the future of our business, my blog, my kids etc.

I wouldn’t be the person, mom, daughter or wife I am today if I hadn’t of had the experiences or long roads I’ve walked. 

I have learned A LOT from having a child in the hospital for an extended period of time, experiencing the loss of a child, balancing motherhood with work and sharing with you on my blogging journey, AND evolving as a married couple…that’s huge!

I’ve learned, I’ve lost, I’ve struggled and I’m HAPPY and CONTENT with where I am. 

If we didn’t do all that together, who’s to say we would be driving down this road together going to get something to eat at our favorite restaurant!??

Jer- Your exactly right! 

what every wife wants to hear from their husband, haha 🙂  

This is what I love…raising my kids, working and evolving in agriculture, documenting and sharing my life and the things I love in it…that is what I truly love and I am pretty sure I’ve found it. 

When you know, you know!

If you know me, you know I LOVE inspirational sayings and here are two that support my conviction.

Have a great Monday and take a moment to think about what you love and are you doing it or implementing it somehow in your life?


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