Bryce and I went to a science museum with his school in San Diego. The museum was fun, engaging, interesting and I think we all (including parents) learned something. I think that’s what the purpose of museums are about? Since Bryce attends a Charter School, there is no bus transportation, it’s parent drivers. I volunteered to drive more than just Bryce, since I have the room, which his teacher grouped me with 2 fun, giggling sisters. One is in Bryce’s class and the other is in third grade. Very well behaved and nice, I couldn’t of asked for better girls!

BUT…one thing about volunteering in Bryce’s class, and chaperoning a field trip is, you learn so much about your child and how they behave around other girls and boys his age!

What honestly make me so proud of him is he doesn’t hesitate to answer a question or give his idea on how something works. I know a lot of kids don’t want to raise their hand in fear of them getting the question wrong in front of a group or class. I really try and teach him not to judge or to fear others judging him. Be yourself and be true to yourself!

On the other hand…my fear is coming true!!?!?!

I think he’s a ladies man! :/  insert scared mommy face…

All the girls in his class were following him and his pals around and he kept them all laughing and he was fun, goofy and silly…and he lets his personality shine through like no ones business and the girls laugh at his silly jokes! 

My Bryceeeeeee 🙁

It was bound to happen, I couldn’t keep him to myself forever…right?!?!!

All in all the field trip was fun, engaging and I think I learned more about my son than I did about the laws of gravity. 

Actually to be honest…I already knew those things about Bryce because he acts that way around me, and I am glad he shows that fun, enthusiastic, silly side around his class mates. He’s being true to himself!

I’ll just put it out there now…I’ll be his chaperon on his field trips until he graduates high school or do you think they still allow parent volunteers in college?



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