Today I am sharing with you an “ah-ha” moment that I had with myself and Madison. 

If you’ve ever raised or been around a child with special needs it seems like they’re either really affectionate or not at all. Well Madison is in the not so much category, unless she initiates it herself. And sometimes it was making me sad, she’s getting older and I just want to hug and kiss her as much as possible or hold her hand while we walk…but that is not her. AND on the other hand Bryce is getting older, and doesn’t want to sit on Mommy’s lap anymore or give Mommy a lot of hugs unless I steal them from him…haha! 

So on this particular week my “ah-ha” moment came when I realized I was putting my emotional expectations on Madison, from the ones I was losing from Bryce. Basically Madison filling the void of Bryce getting older…well it doesn’t quite work like that… 

When I had the “ah-ha” moment, I began to stop thinking and putting those emotional expectations on her and began to notice ALL the special-times we do have EVERYDAY together and not letting those “moments” go unnoticed.    

Both her and I have come along way, we’ve grown with each other and I continue to learn more about myself through her.

When I look at this picture I notice how tall she has become, what a good-girl she is and more importantly the scar she wears so beautifully on her left shoulder blade. The scar runs from under her arm, to across her shoulder blade…BUT when she first received the scar it was under her shoulder blade. 

Madison had to have heart surgery to close her P.D.A. valve that didn’t close naturally after birth.

-What I’ve learned-

It’s recognizing the little things everyday with Madison and cherishing the time we do share together and loving every second!

Last weekend Madison and I had a “special-time” morning together. 

Bryce went to work early in the morning with his Dad. Madison and I stayed home to get some never ending house work done before work. I figured it would be nice to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Madison loves to be involved in cooking, mixing, adding ingredients and watching me cook. Bryce has the cooking bug too, which makes my Mommy-heart happy. 

Madison really enjoyed mixing the pancake batter.

At the end of all the breakfast making and eating, Madison gave me a little finger kiss on the leg and I will cherish every finger kiss she ever wants to give me!

In her way that’s showing me she cares and I wouldn’t have it any other way…


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