This week Madison had her NOW yearly pulmonology follow up….yay!!!

Majority of the time her Dr. use to come down to their specialty clinic close-by…but now we have to go down to the main campus to see him. And every time I drive down to Rady’s or even pass it on the freeway for some reason, I always feel happy, sad, anxious…it’s a flood of emotions. It’s like when you go back to a school you attended, or a work place you were at, or a town you use to live in (you get my point), a place you HAD to be. Now you frequent that place yearly or twice a year and it feels so good. Now, I don’t know what the future hold for us but, I don’t see us having to go down there anytime in the near future. Hallelujah!!!

Her Pulmonologist, whom I love, says her lungs sound great and he couldn’t be happier with what they sound like…even after coming off of a two week cold. In the past if she got a cold it would of settled in her chest a lot more and would of needed oxygen at night or even during the day in worse cases. BUT this cold she was able to manage with just her inhalers and a little medicine, woo-hoo!

On the other hand he is happy to see growth on her growth chart, especially in her height, but he would like to see more weight on her…

I think we’ve been trying to put weight on her since she was born! :/

She reminds me of a tall-string-bean, but she isn’t frail in the slightest, Madison’s very toned and muscly she just burns up more calories than she consumes. 

So back to square one…I wish I had that weight issue…hahaha!

Oh and did I mention she totally destroyed the room and wouldn’t stop yelling she was hungry, right after he’s telling me she needs to gain weight! Nice Madison…although she ate during the whole car ride down there!!!

Talk about being mortified, embarrassed and frustrated!

Deep breath, deep breath, deeeeeep breath…   

Oh well what are you gonna do right!??

p.s. – on the other hand we have to keep an eye on this guys weight because he gains very easily…

Can’t keep weight on one child and have to watch the weight on the other…we have issues!


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