I titled this post “The Golden Hour” because the kids and I took a walk Thursday afternoon around the dairy right on the on-set of the “golden hour”. I can see why photographers call it just that…it makes all the pictures glow so pretty, and it’s just the light you need to highlight your subjects. My subjects were my crazy kids and cows…oh and a dog. 

At our house, we don’t get the beauty of the “golden hour” because our house backs up to a mountain that shield that beautiful time of day. waaahhh!

At this time on the dairy…everything is quiet…you don’t hear the noise from the barn or the running of tractors, suppliers aren’t driving in…all you hear is quiet and the occasional moo and the clanking of stanchions opening and closing from the cows eating. 

Such a nice time for a walk…

I love how when I ask my kids to make silly faces, their tongue sticks out!

Our “Springers” lookin good in all the golden light!

Definition of “springer”- Heifers (young female cows) who are 3-4 months from calving. This will be their fist calf!

Their rides they chose to take on this walk where a electric powered Razor scooter and a gyro car!

If you’re looking for any Christmas ideas for your kids these are GREAT and have my stamp of approval…because that’s what matters right??!

Aaaawwwwww Tuffy! 

Tuff is Jer’s work dog and is in training. He is one smart puppy!

There’s our Angus Bull…we’ve raised him since he was a baby. We call him Little-Boy because we had his Dad as our main Bull for our beef cows and we called him Big-Boy.

He is a very handy bull to have on hand…we can utilize him as a calving ease bull for our heifers or we can put him with our dry cows, beef cows or to cover in our milking strings. 

He’s one great and happy bull!

Bryce is such a little trickster, he say, “Mom look…take a picture of me!”

Madison has been sick with a cold for over a week now, so getting outside and letting her have some fresh air is just what the Dr. ordered.

Hi cows…keep eating, i’ll just stand here and take your picture!

As you can tell from the previous picture to here, the “golden-hour” went behind some clouds. BUT I wanted to take a picture of Madison’s favorite ride…which was actually Bryce’s and now Madison rides it about 99.4% of the time.

My favorite picture in this post was my first one and this one. She looks so curious, somewhat tired/sad and quietly observing. Madison looks so peaceful here!

As much as I love being outside working in the earliest of morning and seeing the sun rise…I also like to take a late afternoon walk to wind the day down and reflect on everything that had happened in the day.

Have a GREAT one.


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