Hi everyone!

Vlogmas day 4 is up and I’m starting to get the hang of vlogging consecutively. What is really helping with my time management is, I am editing the video at the end of the day and uploading the video overnight which is helping out soooo much. In the morning I have time to write my blog post and be out the door on time.

If you want a direct link, click below…otherwise you can watch it here!  


I have said in post’s past how much I love to admire the sky, the clouds and how much they change through out the day…

I personally thinks people should look up more…pay attention to the natural beauty that’s above us, and not look down so much as we are walking fast to our next destination!

Yesterday when I got to work it was still very hazy and overcast like…

This photo was taken mid-day and the rays are shining through the clouds so beautifully, it’s like our little valley is magical!

AND this beauty was taken about an hour later! Look how much the colors have changed through out the day and how clear the picture is and there is ABSOLUTELY no editing done to this photo!

When I look at this picture I know I am doing what I love…being outdoors, working in agriculture, being there for my kiddos, and last but not least least sharing what I love with all of YOU!

On that note I hope you ALL have a GREAT day and I’ll see ya soon,


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