Today’s New Years Eve…the official last holiday of the season and of 2014.

January brings people to reevaluate their goals for the year and their waist lines…I know I am. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t indulge a little over the holidays…your Mom’s treats or your favorite side dish only made on Thanksgiving and Christmas or even worse…traveling!

What gave me the idea to make individual salad cups was two things, have an easy-healthy side dish for dinner/snack AND my kids. Bryce loves salads…Madison likes dressing…ha! But you keep offering and eventually she will try more and more. Right now she is into the toppings and helping, which I am fine with. Bryce knows the importance of being healthy and having healthy options for him to choose from at home and in his lunch make it easy for him and I to make the right choices. 

When I make these I get them equally involved. I put the lettuce in the cups for them and let them put the toppings on. 

I like to buy these clear plastic cups by Chinet, you can find them at your local Grocery Store in the paper product area. Their cute, fun, easy and you can see into them when looking in the fridge which is important. When you can see into the package you are more prompted to grab for it.

First start with your cups, and chopped/shredded lettuce. I used iceberg and romaine lettuce which is more palatable for kids. 

Now we sprinkled craisins and dried blueberries on each cup.

Next we sprinkled sliced almonds and sunflower seeds on.

Ariel view of the pretty little salads.

Now we added cheese on the top of all the toppings to protect it from the lettuce and covered the cups with plastic wrap to place in the fridge to have them on hand when ever we want.

I also made a batch of ranch dressing and balsamic for quick dressing to have on hand. 

Here’s a picture I posted on instagram of the kids helping the other night making dinner salads!

Let me know in the comments below if you like this idea or if you care to share!

Happy New Years Eve,


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