Yesterday was such a FUN day…we celebrated my mother-in-laws 50th birthday with a surprise party!!!

The two most responsible for the success of the party was my sister-in-law and their grandma. It couldn’t of went off any better AND the best thing, she was genuinely surprised! You always get nervous thinking they might find out but she didn’t have a clue which made it all the better.  

The cake was delicious…and of course in true Madison fashion she made a huge mess with her piece of cake.

All the food was ssssoooooo good, Jer’s grandma is such a good cook!

Jer’s Aunt and cousins always lookin gorgeous!

Jer and his Nino are always laughing when they are together.

The boys…Bryce and Dylan, always being silly together.

Great picture!

Great shots from the party…casino night themed!

The party was a hit, and I was so glad to help throw my mother-in-law a well deserved birthday bash!

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Have a GREAT day,


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