Do you ever notice how before a storm is coming how pretty the sky looks? or How after a storm has passed everything looks so clear?

Yesterday was sort of a blur to me…it’s like I was on auto-pilot, or I was there…but I wasn’t present…

All the Dr.s appointments, assessments….observations over the past year have all led up to yesterday’s meeting and we finally have a diagnosis for Madison. It didn’t come as a surprise to me, all the signs were there but to actually have the “official” diagnosis now makes it very real. The importance of having a diagnosis is for Madison to receive the right help in school, more than just speech therapy. She will now attend a preschool that is better equipped to help her and the teachers are trained in working with kids like her.  

She will be able to receive speech therapy while at school and after going there for the rest of the school year they will have a better picture of where she should be placed in Kindergarten next year.

The process of her diagnosis took a long time because they wanted to take into account ALL of the assessments, observations, our concerns and what her Dr. sees and at the end of it all…they have diagnosed Madison with Autism with a speechlanguage impairment. 

As of yesterday I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share with y’all her diagnosis yet…but I was looking at the sky last night and noticing the vast beauty of the sky and realized what I am going through seems so small compared to how big the sky is.  

Also being thankful for Madison not being hospitalized down at the children’s hospital during the Christmas time like we were a few years ago and how hard it was on Bryce.

The beauty of the sky and how amazing it is humbles you, and makes me thankful for being able to enjoy the fresh air everyday.  

I am thankful everyday for Madison, no matter what we are going through with her at the time or how Bryce can challenge me…I wouldn’t have it any other way though…it would make life too easy!

I am STRONG because of her and I CAN handle anything that comes my way…she’s kept me on my toes from the very beginning and I wouldn’t expect any less…

I hope everyone has a GREAT day and don’t forget to watch #vlogmas day 11!

See ya tomorrow,


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