Yesterday was feeding calves as usual and I am super pleased on how this group is turning out! Like I’ve said in my #vlogmas videos if you’ve watched, we transitioned ALL of our calves to start eating an outside hay mix. Usually these calves would be eating this food after they’ve come out of their hutches and in an outside pen…now they are having it as one of their main sources of food!

Those are some HAPPY calves!

Yesterday we also had two Jerseys freshen…which means we have two of the cutest calves!!!

This calf looks just like a little baby deer, and she is out of a first calf heifer.

This calf is Jersey cross and it’s mom is a darker breed of Jersey and is out of a cow who is a second or third.

On to other cute things…

Madison, Bryce and I built a gingerbread barn!

Madison loved decorating with all the little candies that came with it.

She didn’t want to look at the camera or put her hand down but…I’ll take it!

Bryce was having a good time helping me construct the building of the barn.

These gingerbread kits never quite turn out like they do on the box and sometimes prove to be a little difficult, but never the less I love the way our little barn turned out…

I hope everyone has a GREAT day and don’t forget to watch #VLOGMAS DAY 9!

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