Hi ALL…I wanted to let you know I am participating in a thing called “vlogmas”, it’s where you vlog everyday till Christmas! It will be a challenge and a huge commitment. But in life you have to challenge yourself, set goals, let yourself feel vulnerable to grow as a person. I’ve never vlogged consecutively before, but what better month to challenge yourself then December.


How it will work if you are not familiar with it is…I will be posting a video everyday on my YouTube channel about the day before. So December second’s video will be on the third, so on and so forth. If you care to share leave a comment on the video or give it a thumbs up!

Below is December 1st “vlogmas” video…if you want to be alerted when I post a new vlogmas, subscribe to our YouTube channel to get an alert!

Yesterday was a super busy day, not only was it raining, BUT when it rains on a dairy/farm it makes everything take longer! Bryce and I went to see The Little Mermaid with his class for a field trip…a local high school put it on and it was great.

Since it was a field trip day, he was home with me and his Dad helping with dairy chores.

Here Captain America was helping me close calf hutches due to the pending rain.

Bryce has also been practicing on flying his R.C. Helicopter his Uncle Ty bought him as an early Christmas present.

He keeps getting discouraged because he can’t fly it that well, but I told him you have to keep practicing to learn and get better.

Since it was cold outside yesterday and Jer was spraying off the bottles with super HOT water it was making this cool steamy look. 

Don’t forget to check out my “vlogmas” videos and stay tuned everyday!

Have a great Day,


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