Yesterday was a MARATHON of epic proportions! 

I am use to going from the time I wake up to the time I lay down but, feeewwww…yesterday I didn’t get a chance to catch my breath. 

It caught up to me and I was done!

My day went something like this…

1. Edit Vlogmas, and Create Thumbnail

2. Blog about Vlogmas and day before!

3. Get ready for the day by taking a shower and getting the kids ready for school!

4. Drop off Madison.

5. Take Bryce to school and volunteer until 10:30, helping with Math centers!

6. Get to the dairy, woof-down ½ of a chicken salad sandwich and drive to work!

7. FEED, FEED, FEED and push up the feed!

8. Realize it’s already time to pick up Bryce…run up to the house, throw Madison into the car (not literally people) and head back to school which is a minimum of 20-30 minutes away!

9. Drive home…traffic!

10. Make dinner.

11. Eat dinner and enjoy the episode of Revenge I missed the night before!

12. When Jer got home, I left and went Christmas Shopping with my Mom. I’m trying to finish all my shopping before I leave for 5 days!

13. Get back to the house, have all the intentions in the world to edit the vlog and have it upload overnight, BUT the pillow was calling me and the pillow won!

My bed is just so soft and cozy, it sucks you right in and doesn’t let you go until your alarm goes off at 4:15 a.m.

Oh hello… and now I’ve brought you back to present time, typing away!

Have a GREAT day and I will catch you tomorrow,

p.s. my camera battery is charging and my sd card if empty…it should be a better vlogging day!

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