I haven’t posted in a few days because, honestly I’ve had writers block. With Jer being gone for work, my responsibilities have increased, school is back in full swing after the 4 days with no school and my brain has been scattered. So today I decided to share with y’all these interesting pictures I snapped the other day while driving into the dairy. 

What’s interesting about these photos were the horses are on this side of the hill, in the very most front of the pasture that morning. The horses aren’t usually on this side in the morning, but since it had been so chilly lately, we figured it was to enjoy the warmth from the sun. 

As we were making the turn Madison said, “Mom…the horses, the horses, MOM, the horses!” She noticed it as well. (Very observant Madison.)

Since we’ve had so much rain these past few months the pastures/hills are so green.

Here comes the alpha female, she never likes anyone getting attention without her.

Claud, Ty’s horse, came up to the fence first. When Blackie came over, she had to try and tell Claud who was boss.

Claud wasn’t having it!

So they proceeded to have a nipping war. 

All the while, Cesal was watching from the top of the hill thinking, I’m just going to stay up here and eat. Silly young horses!

Oh and Madison calls this horse, “Unicorn”…

Have a great Friday,


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