Over the past 3 years on January 1st, I spend a little bit of time writing out my goals for the year ahead. Then after I have written them out, I read my previous year’s goals and see the similarities or differences. As the years have gone on, my goals have got less lengthy and more simple and true. 

When I write my goals out, I like to categorize my goals by personal, professional, and parenting. The “3 P’s”… 

Below I am going to share a little from each section…but I like to keep my goals private, not that I don’t share enough with you from vlogging/blogging! ha.


Be PRESENT, kind and open minded.

Trust in what YOU know.

Continue to PUSH myself.


Be GOOD at what I do with the tools I have.

Trust in what YOU know.

Keep the BIGGER picture in mind.


Continue to raise HAPPY and HEALTHY kids.

Trust in what YOU know.

Continue ADVOCATING for Madison.

Those are majority of my goals I’ve made for 2015! I know our future is bright if we continue to work hard, stay united as a family and ENJOY the “Mehaffey-Moments”! 

2014 came and went and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!  

If you care to share what some of your goals are leave a comment below, I’d love to hear!

Happy 2015!


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