Before I start typing and explaining how we did, I want to start by totally respecting even more single mothers who work or even military wives with kiddos. I take my hats off, kudos, you are strong moms & women, and I had a 5 day taste and it was hard!!!

So Jarret was gone for 5 days, 4 nights. This was the 4 longest days for me…but it went by ssssooooo fast because my days were full to the brim! 


We would start our days out by sending him a family selfie before we left for school or in the car on our way to work. 

But…when Jarret is gone my work load and responsibilities increase at home and at work. So mentally I was getting stressed about everything I needed to get done in a day. So if you noticed a lack of postings it was because I didn’t have any mental/creative space for it, next time he leaves I’ll be better.

By the first day after school I was the “Mean-Mom” because I wouldn’t buy him the latest Skylander character he needs to beat a character on trap-team.

Sorry dude…I need to stick to my guns!

Then Madison was screaming, “my tummy is sssooooo berry hungry!!!” 

The main reason I had to stop at Sam’s Club was because we needed a 55 lb. bag of dog food. Mental note, before Jer leaves again, take inventory of dog food!

The third day we were determined to make it a better day and it was! We set our intentions and all agreed we would try and do better and we did!

But I have to admit, every night was like okay when’s bedtime?!

The fourth day came and we all crumbled…the kids were done before it even started! I was trying… I even said something like, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and I was until later…

This was the biggest work day for me because my kids don’t have school on Fridays, so I was able to get to work earlier. We tackled a BIG project by dehorning 50+ calves, on top of being short handed! That’s huge!

On this day I also mentally broke, I didn’t get a lunch break because we were so behind, it was 80° in January and to top it off, my Dad and I had had it up to here with each other. (side-note, it’s hard working with family sometimes!) Emotions were running high and this picture below is what set it off for me…

I was overheated, hungry, my Dad and I weren’t speaking, barely starting on a 2 hour process of dehorning and this picture came through on my phone of Jarret eating a steak dinner!

Let me put it lightly, I saw RED!!!

On to other things that happened that day…haha! 

My friend was supposed to bring her kids by the dairy in the late afternoon to see the cows, which didn’t end up working out, but it was all good because the kids and I took a sunset walk around the dairy. It was a beautiful end to an emotionally packed day, it was just what the doctor for crazy people ordered!

This was the day Jarret was coming home and we were all smiles! On another mental note, take inventory of our favorite Chocolate Milk before he leaves…next time I will do better…

Sunday…my day off, consisted of chores-chores-chores and oh so good Chicken Street Tacos and that is all I will say.

To sum up Jarret being gone…I realize Bryce, Madison and I, all depend on him mentally, emotionally and physically!

But next time he leaves in 3 weeks I’ll do better…

Have a GREAT Monday everyone and I’ll be posting more this week, promise!


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