So…where do I begin…?

I titled this post, “keeping up with Madison” because there has been a lot of changes in the last month of the year for her.  We had multiple meetings regarding her diagnosis and new school plan, Madison getting really sick for a few days there but the overall cold lasted a few weeks, and me leaving her for the first time to go on a trip with Bryce.

I’ll tell ya…by the end of the year I was emotionally exhausted!

One of the major things that came about in December was Madison was officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder with a speech and language impairment and sensory processing issues. 

The whole process of getting a diagnosis has taken a whole school year and a half. The biggest thing is they wanted to see what would increase or trail off when she was a hard 4 1/2 yrs old. 

Why it was important for Madison to have a diagnosis is now she can receive services she requires to help her learn in an environment better suited for her. In that, I mean going to a special needs preschool that has teachers and aids that specialize in young childhood education for special needs kids. She will also continue to receive speech therapy in class too. It’s a one stop shop for her!

Madison has just completed her first week there and man-oh-man what a difference! Her teacher is very nice, calm, (aids too), and every time I pick her up she is happy, the teacher said she did great and that makes me happy. 

As a disclaimer I want to state the preschool she attended before was awesome for Bryce he went for 3 years and did great, I will always love that school! But for a special needs child, we had a total different experience…

Another big change has come by Madison riding the bus to school! This was a huge deal…one Jer and I were very nervous about, kept me up at night wondering how she was going to do or act when we put her on and it turned out she did great. 

She rode the bus home twice…but I’m going to start picking her up at school so she doesn’t have to ride home as well. The buses she rides are special needs buses with only a few kids on with her and they are all in her class. I wish I had the freedom to take her to school and pick her up, but she has a late start morning and with working on the dairy and getting my chores done in time to pick her and Bryce up from school isn’t feasible. 

Of course I always have the option to run around like a chicken with my head cut-off, but then I would be short timing my calf program and other dairy responsibilities.  

For right now She’s happy to ride the bus, she calls it “the magic school bus” and I’m happy she’s happy. So, a.m. is the bus to school and p.m. i’ll be picking her up.

Believe me when I say this WHOLE process has not been easy on me! It has been hard to digest her whole diagnosis and what that means for the future, trust in others with her care, and have blind faith to know everything will be okay. It has definitely been a learned experience, one that has continued to make me stronger as an individual and as a mom. 

I continue to ENJOY this journey with Madison, relish in how incredibly smart she is and I know, the sky will be the limit for her!


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