Every since Bryce was little he has always loved yard tools, mowers, blowers…you name it! He use to carry this little blower around everywhere we went, dinner, to the store, taking naps. His love runs deep for yard equipment. 

Jarret and I were convinced that when Bryce gets older he will probably own a landscaping company! Ha!

When Jarret would cut the grass at our house, Bryce would be there right along side with his trusty, but never rusty, Little Tikes lawn mower.

He was the cutest little guy when he was little, always wanted to work and help. (Still cute!)

Then once he found out about ride-on mowers, his love quickly switched! 

Now he loves to drive!

A few days ago my Dad had Bryce mow the front circle in front of the barn’s drive way. Since we’ve had all this rain, the grass (pssst, more like weeds) have been growing like crazy. 

This lawn mowers isn’t new, but new to us and Bryce loves it!

He thinks it looks cool because it’s old school looking. 

It’s so funny because when Bryce thinks something is old he says, “Hey Mom…that’s old school huh?!”

I love my little guy…


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