Sunday is usually our day off, and yesterday we were off.

Sunday is usually the day we may go out for breakfast, in this case we had breakfast with my parent’s yesterday.

Sunday is usually the day where we do a family outing, yesterday it was raining.

Sunday is usually the day I do my grocery shopping for the week, and thank goodness the rain kept everyone in in the morning, so I had all of Walmart Grocery department to myself!

Sunday is usually the day I like to tackle a project, yesterday I decided to be creative instead.

Sunday is usually the day I create a recipe for the blog, cook a new recipe for the family or craft…yesterday I did it all.

Yesterday I started by making a yummy spritz cookie. This was the first time I used a cookie press and I loved it!

The recipe, full post and how I transformed them will be up later this week! Stay tuned…

Yesterday’s crafting project was to build a 3 dimensional jet pack. Bryce chose jet packs as his topic of choice for “family project week” at school. I think it turned out pretty amazing! Jer, Bryce and I make a GREAT team!

In the kitchen I tried this recipe for loaded potato soup, it was AH-mazing! It was easy to make, perfect on a rainy day and the fam liked it, i’d give it a thumbs up all around.

Here’s the recipe for Loaded Potato Soup! Click here…

Yesterday morning I was also in my editing department, finishing Bryce’s NEW video where he shares his Nerf Gun Collection. He does such a great job and he’s a Natural…make sure to check it out!

Also our latest family vlog is up! In this video our battery died on the little car, Bryce may or may not of renamed the dog and it probably had to do with the President and oh…the kids love Taylor!

Be sure to check everything out, if you car to share leave a comment below, and if you like the video give it a thumbs up. 


Bryce loves hearing your comments, so give him kind words on his comments and we’ll see you soon!







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