If there is one thing Madison loves to be involved in, it’s baking. She also enjoys cooking with Mama, BUT she really enjoys playing “bakery”! She likes to stir, mix, ask questions…eat the dough, I think she might be my little baker.

On the other hand Bryce loves to cook, he likes to have ideas for dishes and loves to eat.  Bryce and I’s thing is to watch cooking programs together, especially any type of cooking competition. We are a Food Network family 🙂

Below I have created the most delicate, delicious, dainty, divine…(ok, i’ll stop with the D’s) cookie you have ever had for Valentine’s Day!

When you think of treats for Valentine’s Day you usually think of a box of Chocolates or something really sweet. Well these are the perfect balance between sweet, but not too sweet…cookie, but not a lot of cookie.

I promise you, they are fun to make, you get to decorate and they present even better!

The recipe for the dough isn’t mine, the idea of how to decorate is all mine. I will leave a link below for the recipe for the actually cookie itself.

Recipe for Cream Cheese Spritz Cookie!

I filmed a video with Madison and I showing you how to decorate the cookies; be sure to watch!

If you care to share leave a comment below and I’ll see ya soon,

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