The title says it all…Dad’s back! 

This time we all handled it much better, and the time actually went by really fast! 

A few things attributed to it: 

  1. Madison had the week off from school, so no running around to get her and Bryce.
  2. I only had 30-36 calves on bottle for the whole week, vs. last time over 100!
  3. This time I was mentally prepared and the kids were on much better behavior. 🙂

Below I am going to take you through our day and then at the end there is a video-blog (vlog).

This was my view on Thursday morning.

This was Jer’s view on Thursday morning.

Bryce presented his Benjamin Franklin project at school. 

Bryce’s Ben Franklin board. 

Bryce goes to a charter school where it is on-site (classroom) learning and he has homeschool days with school work and project based learning. I love it!

On our way to the airport, stuck in traffic! 

At last HE returns!

Madison and Bryce were both screaming Daddy, Daddy, your back!

We all love when Dad comes back. 🙂

To follow us around through out our day, make sure you press play!



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