This past week I started introducing SIGHT WORDS to Madison!!! Yay!!!

She is brilliantly smart for her age (4), and to start challenging her more, and to keep the learning flowing, it was only natural that I introduce sight words. Madison is my perfect little student, she loves to learn and do anything learning based. (psst…a far cry from boys! haha)

To start, I introduced I, see, a, the, and, for sight words. Keeping it simple…letting her set the speed and what I give her, how much work etc. 

The sight word flashcards are from the Ready 2 Read learning system I used for Bryce when he was a wweee little one. Very effective, and a lot of supporting work! Right now, Madison has a really hard time gripping a pencil, her grip is SUPER lose, so all the pages that have to do with writing, we are doing hand over hand to help her. 

Here is a link to the Ready2Read Level1, Unit 1.

I laid the flashcards out on the table in the morning and when she woke up she automatically wanted to play with them!

Another thing Madison loves about the sight word flashcard is that they have a colored border and she is very much into colors. When she saw the colors, she immediately started associating them with the Paw Patrol characters. Oh my sissy-pie! 

Another activity we did that morning was sight word stickers.

I wrote all 5 sight words 3 times on these colored dot stickers by Avery, I picked a pack up for $1- at Walmart.

The second thing you need is a paper towel roll and write all 5 sight words 3 times scattered around.

She really enjoyed this activity!

Once she was done, Madison said, “Hey Mom, Look, it’s like a telescope!”

I just love her so much! 🙂

Another activity Bryce and I did with the stickers/paper roll was doubles-fact practice. 

It was a fun way to practice his doubles facts but, he was not as impressed as Madison…

Boys vs. Girl when it comes to learning…haha!

I will keep you posted on some other new things I’m trying with Madison and I will let you know how it’s going and if I recommend.

Have a great day and if you care to share leave a comment below,

p.s. Madison had bed head and she wanted me to leave her hair alone! Yes Ma’am!


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