Yesterday was the super bowl and we all ate and ate and enjoyed all the snacks Jarret made for us! Only once or twice a year does Jer get the bug to cook and I love it! I wish he would cook more often and give Momma the night off…haha!

So Sunday started my me going to the dairy early and doing payroll for the guys and when I came back we hit up the grocery store. Jarret and I’s favorite day to grocery shop is early Sunday morning, because no one’s there! 

Jarret’s menu consisted of pico de gallo, buffalo chicken wing dip, and brawts.

He is becoming quite the pro at pico!

Here’s the recipe for our version of Pico-de-Gallo!

The kiddos were getting hungry and the food wasn’t ready yet, so Jer gave them Darigold Old Fashioned Chocolate Milk. That stuff is the! You can find at Walmart.

The Chips we were using for this party are Tostitos new “Cantina Style” chips.

Next was the buffalo chicken wing dip…and this is AH-mazing, delish, and addicting!

If you have never made this before and love the taste of buffalo wing sauce and a cream dip, this is for you.

Jer was pulling out all the stops for this dip!

And secretly, I think he likes using my Kitchen-Aid mixer… 🙂

Aaaaaahhhhhhh…there she be, at this point he was checking for temperature. So good!

Next up, I made homemade cherry-limeade and that was theeeeee perfect drink to wash down a mildly-spicy dip!

This was the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for cherry limeade.

Here’s a link to the recipe!

After all the snacks were ate and the drinks were drunk, Madison wanted to lay in her brother’s bed and watch him play Disney Infinity 2.0. 

Before the game started Jer and I spent about an hour, organizing and rearranging Bryce’s room. I stripped the bed of it’s bedding and gave them all a good fresh wash and added coziness. 

Little Madison took it upon herself to bring ALL of her bedding to Bryce’s room and set up shop so she could be close to her brother. 🙂 

She loves him so much! Brother-Sister love, can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

And that my friends concluded our Sunday snack fest….we all went to bed fat and happy!


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