Every since Madison was a baby she loved everything and anything to do with water: water tables, sprinklers, hoses, a bucket filled with water, slip ‘n slides, pools, splash pads, you name it…

AND since our area has been unseasonably warm for this time of year, I needed to keep Madison busy while her and I got the milk ready for the calves. So I had the perfect idea, she could play with the hose and wash the nipples for the tops of the bottles for me. 

Well that only lasted a little bit, it turned out more to be lets wave the hose in the air and get everything wet, including MOM!

Or…lets all take a moment to smell the water, ah!? 

I am actually not sure what she was doing here, I think my camera took a burst of pics and this was one of the middle, half way, kinda things. Love you Mady!

p.s. She wants to be called Mady now… 🙁 I am not sure how I feel about this.

Finally her Dad showed up to help us, and to help me keep Madison occupied!

At last she was doing what I asked her to do!

AND there’s my Brycee-Boy, hamming it up as usual! 🙂

Two of Madison’s favorite things, besides Paw Patrol of course, are water…and her Dad

Madison is a Daddy’s Girl, through and through, and Jer loves it!


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