Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know my kiddos are getting excited to pass out Valentine treats. Next week both of their classes are having parties and this weekend we are going to work on what they are going to hand out!

Remember when we were little, and everybody passed out those little cardboard like valentines cards?! You would go to the store and picked out whatever character you liked or what was popular at the time…

Well now, Valentine treats or “cards” look a lot different these day! The ideas for treats are wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy more creative and I LOVE IT!!!

Below I have two ideas in the running for Madison’s special needs preschool class. Little Sissy and her friends in class already run on a pretty high energy level, if you catch my drift, so I wanted to do something non-candy like.

I pinned this idea last year for Madison before she was even in school yet because I loved it so much and she loves “squeezies”! 

You can find the “main squeeze” idea here!

The other idea I loved was this little goodie-bag with bubbles inside and a Blow-Pop…I can’t decide, they’re all so cute, help me choose!!!

You can find the “blow me away” idea here!

Now for Bryce’s treat idea!

You know…he’s in 2nd grade and a boy, so they are wanting something fun, “cool”, and a lot less toned down. wah-wah… 🙁

Here’s what I found!

You’re ALL THAT & a bag of chips!!! I love this one, he thinks it’s funny but he isn’t sure if he wants to give it out…

You can find the “ALL THAT” here!

Now Bryce really likes this one with the Pop Rocks and it’s cute too; so many great ideas!!!

You can find the “Pop-Rock” idea here!

Valentine’s Day has become so fun and creative with the treat/goodie bag ideas now…or the parents! Ha!

BUT it can also get expensive and I want to keep the costs down…so I will update you’all with what we choose or came up with for their class party!

Stay tuned,


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