This past week has been interesting to say the least…

First off I am finally over being sick, woo-hoo! This cold I caught took me off my game for just about a week. Not fun, because you know, when a Mom gets sick you still have to do everything…

Another crazy turn of events, my Mom broke her foot in 3 places!!! I know talk about random, she was cleaning her bathroom and slipped on a towel, crazy.

St. Patrick’s Day was this past week and the kids were super excited to wear their shirts, light up shamrock necklaces from the dollar store, and handing out their treat bags in class.

What’s funny and cool for them, they were the only ones to bring in treats for their classmates on St. Patty’s Day!!?? 

Bryce felt special, handing out treats to all his friends.

Trying to get my kids to take a nice St. Patrick’s Day picture in front of the house was hard…they had the silly’s that morning! 

And if you can’t tell, Madison follows her brother’s lead!

On to something totally opposite… a sweet little baby sleeping.

Since my Mom’s foot is broken and she watches the baby a few days a week for my Sister, I was fortunate enough to fill in and watch the sweet little princess.

To sleep like a baby…

So these last few days we have had a new little buddy during calf feeding. Also Madison was very excited to step in the water and then step on dry cement to show me her “paw-prints”!

In this picture she was showing me how she was a froggy, and leaving prints. I love my Madison, she is becoming so funny and puts a smile on my face everyday!

On to another smiley baby…

Holly is so cute and I love how she is getting into her chubby stage! She is so lovable!

All for now, I have plans on organizing and decluttering the house all day and getting ready for a successful week of not being sick, yay!!!

See you soon!


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