A few days ago I posted a picture of me making “Cucumber-Melon” for the family to have on hand for a snack. Jer, Bryce and I love it! This recipe is actually my Tia Rocky’s, she has been bringing this to family gatherings for years, and everyone always requests her to make it. 

It’s simple, light, fresh and really easy to make. The name isn’t an accurate description, there is no melon, and there’s no mention of tomato…I am not sure how the name got started, but that’s what it is!

Here’s what you need: 

4 Cucumbers (peeled) or 4 English Cucumbers (no need to peel)

4  Large Tomatoes 

1 Container Feta Cheese

1 Bottle Italian Dressing (I like Kraft’s Bold & Rustic) 

This recipe feeds a crowd or enough for you to snack on all week!

First start by peeling your cucumbers, removing the insides, and chopping up into bite-size pieces.

Once that’s completed and the cucumbers are in the bowl, sprinkle on some black pepper and give them a toss.

Next you want to chop up all 4 tomatoes, removing the insides as well, so all you have is the meaty part.

Add them to the bowl and sprinkle the tomatoes with a tiny-bit of salt and a little black pepper too.

Then comes the easy-fun part, crumble up and add in your whole container of feta cheese and squeeze in your whole bottle of Italian dressing.

You can change up the Italian dressing and use your favorite style of Italian, it will still come out delicious. 

Lastly you stir it all up! 

It’s best if you let it sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours, it will come out delish.

Our favorite ways to eat Cucumber-Melon is with a bowl and spoon or with tortilla chips, it’s like a Greek salsa!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, last minute I decided to snap pictures with my phone of how to make.

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week!


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