WOW…this past couple of days have been CRAZYYYY!!!

My Brother surprised us on Saturday with being back in town for a couple of days and we all wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he went back. So Saturday night till Monday night, have been a lot of family-time, eating, going to the movies, eating and eating out! 

The kids, Jer and I hardly eat out anymore, so Jer and I feel like we have definitely met our quota for a month with this eating out thing!!! AND can I tell you how much money you spend eating out vs. cooking at home, crazy…

The movie we went to go see Sunday was “The Duff”, it was so funny and had a good message as well, I recommend you go see it! Also it did help that the lead actor “Wes” is pretty easy on the eyes!

Now that Uncle Ty is on his way back to Missouri this morning, actually probably as I am typing this, he got to recharge by seeing his nieces and nephew and the rest of his family and friends.

Little Holly always steals the show with her cute outfits and chubby cheeks!

Family Time!

Monday was back to school and putting Madison on the bus, one of the things I missed most while gone. 

Side note-I love that the special needs buses have seat belts for the little squirmy-wormies!

Monday night’s dinner was at Miguel Jr’s, a place Ty does not have out there, and has missed. Dessert was Fro-Yo, not many fro-yo places out there either and one of Ty’s main food groups is ice cream, haha!

All in all we have had a great time with Ty, I actually feel like I’ve been around him for a while since I was just there. Now back to our regular scheduled programs and I think all of our waist bands are a little tighter this morning!

Miss you already Ty-Ty!


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