So this post was set to go up on Friday morning and I was telling you all about how cool are new Fitbits were. The hike we took, how it motivates you…so on and so forth, well that is not what ended up happening!!!

First off, I LOVE my Fitbit-Charge, and it’s amazing how it’s able to track so much just from this little wrist band?! The Fitbit tracks how many steps you take, calories burned, it has GPS, it tracks your sleep patterns and much much more. For the short time I’ve had it, I’m in love and totally recommend for someone who would like to know their stats and needs a little motivation.

That being said, the next couple of days did not go as planned for rockin the new Fitbit! 

We are all smiles here, feeling good, and the next morning I woke up sick! 

What…I just got the Fitbit, entered into some “Weekend Warrior Challenges” and I get taken down at the knees with a bad head cold!!! Not just a little, I can work through it sorta thing, like a legit cold.

Great there goes my weekend warrior goals… :/ 

Then you won’t believe what happens next…My Mom breaks her foot and the kids and I had to take her to Urgent Care!!!

Yes…my Mom broke her foot and now won’t be getting too many steps in, in the next couple of weeks. 

All my Mom and I do, is laugh about how we had all these fantastic plans with our Fitbits, walks, hikes, challenges and we were both taken out of the game by different circumstances out of our control. 

We came out of the starting gates a little too hot!!! LOL

I love this picture though, you can tell I have to steal my hugs and kisses from him now…he says he’s too big. Never, I will always be hugging and kissing his cheeks, same goes for Maddy!

Hope you all had a laugh at how our plans were derailed and you have a Great Sunday!

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