Last Saturday was the beginning of my first ever last minute business trip, which lasted all the way through Thursday. The trip was literally planned 4 hours before we hit the open road, and from there on, we were in the truck non-stop (well for gas, and much needed coffee!) for 27 hours. My Dad and I took turns driving, and drove straight through to Missouri! 

My Brother had been hit with multiple storms back to back, freezing temperatures, and a slew of new things supposed to be happening the week I was there. All of this combined causes you to get behind in your daily chores, and you can always use a helping hand!

So…there my Dad and I went, off to go help Ty! 

Luckily everything fell into place with my Mom helping Jarret out with the kids and making sure they had food to eat! 🙂 

When we arrived there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground, which would eventually melt about 4 inches off and then add back up after an additional snow storm hit us while we were there.

I love it there…it’s natures beauty and simplicity at it’s finest.

Here is part of a long snow covered dirt road that leads into the dairy. We are a good ways out of town, so no snow plow here!

On the days it was snowing the Cardinals were out all over, hoping from tree branch to tree branch.  

One of my biggest jobs I accomplished while out there was fixing pasture fence for our heifers. When you get down into some parts of the pastures it’s just breath taking, you can’t help but stop and take a picture!

Also when you go down into some parts of the pastures you better be armed for safety because there’s bears, mountain lions, bobcats…oh my, it’s the woods and it’s no joke. #necessary 

My Dad helped me walk the pastures and Mahalia and I came in and repaired the parts of the fence that needed our attention. Ty and my Dad were busy cleaning out the loafing barns and re-bedding for the storm that was on it’s way.

One afternoon our feed truck and squeeze shoot arrived from California, this is one of our back-up feed trucks, it will be much more suited for him out there.

Your main objective when it’s cold is to feed, feed and make sure they have feed!

Ty and M were joking around with there fake freezing outside prom pose, haha!

Thursday at 1:30 p.m. I hit the open skies back to my fam! I was SO lucky my flight wasn’t canceled, my flight was the first flight in two days that hadn’t been canceled to Dallas, TX. The airport had a lot of unhappy travelers trying to get to their destination!

Finally back with my crew and wearing a lot less clothes! 

It was 80° and it felt like a heat wave, lol!

My Brycee-Boy doesn’t love when his Mom wants to give him a ton of hugs, kisses and tight squeezes!

Another little girl I couldn’t wait to see was my “Little Chubbers”, she was all smiles and blowing a ton of bubbles…she’s so cute!

The Mehaffey Family was back together!

Now to get ready for the week ahead and cleaning up the aftermath of Mr. Mom, haha!


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