Yesterday the kids, my mom and I ventured to Lego Land’s Sea-Life Aquarium. It was much more than I ever expected! With every turn it was a feast for the eyes, they really know how to grab the kid’s attention with the way they have the “sea-life” displayed. 

We’ve been frequenting Lego Land for years, but never went to the aquarium. It is separate admission, just like the water park, but it is not expensive. 

The reason why we went is because Bryce has a homeschool project due, he has to make a brochure on a place that is educational. They could choose to do it on a museum, the zoo, etc…we picked the aquarium and I am so glad we did!

Madison was super excited to go, she said she wanted to see sea-horses, starfish, jellyfish and she was able to see all of that. 

Jer’s out of town so we were sending him pictures through out the day!

Have I mentioned how much we L-O-V-E Lego Land!!!

Bryce though these little snake/worm like things were so weird and freaky! 

Their new jellyfish attraction was pretty cool, they had “club” style music playing, lights going all over and all the jellyfish were lit up in different colors. 

All the color changing stopped Madison in her tracks and she told me, “Mom…look, I’m changing colors!” 

I love the way she sees things…

Hi Bryce!

The underwater tunnel was ah-mazing, so colorful and you can spend all day in there looking around.

Now these next two pictures brought tears to my eyes…

The diver saw Madison standing in front of the window, she was the only kid there, she stopped what she was doing and took the time to come right up in front of her. 

It was calm, silent and they were just looking at each other…

Then the diver put her fist up against the glass and Madison put her hand against the glass and it was a special moment. It brought tears to my eyes that she took the time out and made that special connection with her. 

That diver was very sweet and thoughtful.

The other diver was taking to the kids about feeding the sharks, sting rays and other sea life in the aquarium.

There was an outdoor area that had sand dollars, starfish and plants on display for the kids to see up close.

Next we headed to the patio for lunch and had a nice time sitting in the sun and relaxing. Since my Mom has a broken foot, she rented an electric wheel chair and it came it very handy!

Next the gift shop…and you know how hard that is for the little ones.

But Mom…I want all the stuffed animals…

And that my friends was our Sea-Life adventure in a nutshell! 

If you are in the area or are looking for something fun to do with the kids over Spring Break, I highly recommend LEGO LAND and THE AQUARIUM.

Have a great weekend,


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