Ever since Bryce was little, him and I have always watched cooking shows together. Especially cooking competitions, his current favorites are Chopped and Guys Grocery Games (Triple G). As he is getting older and the gap between what he is into and what I am into is getting larger and larger, it makes my mommy heart sad, but we always come back to cooking and Food Network! 

On Sunday we were watching a cooking competition and after it was over he said he wanted to make some burgers for everyone. Coincidentally, I was getting ready to separate and store/freeze a big 5 lb. tray of ground beef I picked up the night before at Sam’s Club. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen but, I sad sure why not, Madison was sleeping and this could be something we could bond over.

He started with the ground beef in a bowl, added pesto, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Mixed all up with his hands and formed little slider patties.

Next he sliced generous portions of mozzarella cheese to put on top.  

The cheese melted so nicely!

Now it was on to his secret sauce…he mixed some homemade ranch and barbecue sauce together and his secret sauce was born! 

Last but not least, the buns! He used a Hawaiian style bun and they actually, truly came out really good and I was very proud of him.

The one thing I told him in the beginning was, if you want to cook that’s fine…but you have to clean up!?!

He agreed and he did.

Oh my Brycee-Boy…I hope we can always keep this love of cooking going…

Can my time with this big-boy slow down???


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