There once was a day where the Mehaffey Family had to clean a milk cow pen’s water trough.

The water troughs carry approximately 1100 gallons of water, and since they don’t have a pump to siphon the water out quickly, they have to heave 5 gallon buckets of water out at a time.

Talk about tiring but it has to be done.

Then after they pitch out all the water and debris, they scrape the sidewalls for debris and finish washing down the rest of the tank so it’s clean and sparkly.

All the while, their Daughter sat patiently waiting till it was her turn to go inside and play.

Their Son kept himself busy diverting water to form mini lakes, rivers and dams.

Once the Dad was all finished he washed his head under the water to cool himself off.

Then their Daughter had to join in. 

And then their Son had to do the same.

Now that their task of cleaning a big water trough was over for the day, they all went back to the truck tired, accomplished and spent. 

The End.


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