The Mehaffey’s have been on spring break and we are loving it!!!

Since we aren’t going away on vacation, due to work schedules, we are having fun right around here. On Tuesday we took the kids bowling…this was the first time for both of the kids and they loved it! 

Tuesday we also picked up Jer from airport, he had been working in Missouri for the past week and we were all happy to have him back! 

The Mehaffey’s were reassembled… 

Like I said earlier, since we aren’t “going” away were are going places everyday and I’ve been keeping them a surprise or letting them know that morning. 

Friday – Lego Land Aquarium

Monday – Movies (my Aunt took him to see Home!)

Tuesday – Bowling!

Wednesday – I let him choose a place to go out and eat for lunch, he chose Panda Express. haha

Thursday – Trampoline Park, that was so much fun, I’ll share more about it tomorrow.

Friday- Bryce left last night to go camping with my in-laws and play with his cousins! Madison will go out and play on Saturday all day with her cousins while we work.

So to say the least, these little Mehaffey’s have been having a blast!

Now that I’ve shared our whole spring break schedule so far, haha, let me finish sharing with you our pics from bowling!

The cost breakdown was $7.99 per person, that included your lane, shoe rental, 2 hours of bowling (we lasted an hour and a half), nachos & a beverage. 

Not bad right!!!?

Bryce loved bowling, he thought the shoes were weird and slippery. 

Watch a little clip below of him bowling!

A video posted by Mehaffey Moments (Jade) (@therealmehaffeymoments) on

Jer and I loved watching the kids bowl and let’s put it this way…bowling is not Jarret’s sport…wink-wink…

Madison LOVED IT!!! We were really surprised at how much she enjoyed bowling, they gave us this little ramp for her to use when it was her turn. It’s pretty self explanatory but, you place the ball on top of the ramp, push it and it rolls down…easy right!

Watch Madison’s video clip below. 

I am glad I finally figured out how to share insta-video clips with y’all!!!

A video posted by Mehaffey Moments (Jade) (@therealmehaffeymoments) on

As you can tell we are enjoying, we are enjoying having a week off, stay tuned tomorrow when I share pics from the trampoline park! That was awesome…


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