Hi…remember me, the girl behind the blog?! haha

It feels like I haven’t spoken to you all in a while, I have been posting more You Tube content lately, just another form of sharing right! Bryce and Madison were on spring break last week and now, Bryce has a full homeschool week at home, with a project due on Monday…so we have been a little busy on the homeschool front.

In the meantime, I feel if you don’t follow me on Instagram you really should, it’s like my mini-blog! @therealmehaffeymoments

For today’s post I am going to give you a little run through of what’s been going on!!!

Farm Life

On the farm life front we have been super busy. Jer milks Monday and Tuesday night to give our two guys their days off, and still gets to work at 4:30 a.m. to feed the cows! 

I have been busy with calves lately and helping Jer with whatever else needs to be done before I leave to pick up Madison from school. After I pick Madison up from school, she takes her nap and Bryce and I finish up whatever homeschool work is still on the agenda.

Here Jer and I were pulling “Close-Ups”, cows/heifer that are due to calve within the next week or two.

See this little calf…when I took this picture she was less than 24 hrs. old and had already escaped her crate. I could not find her come feeding time, I walked around and finally found her on the last row that was empty, laying down sunning.

This picture was snapped on Tuesday mid-morning, the weather was cool, the sun was shining and it was a picture perfect spring day. I love how the clouds looked in the sky, like they were just pinned up there…it reminded me why I love working outside!

Around lunch time that same day little Holly stopped bye to say Hi! She is sooooo cute and I love kissing her cheeks!!!

Home Life

What have I been trying (keyword) to do at home…KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN AND TIDY! You think it wouldn’t be that hard but…OMG it’s like cleaning up behind little tornadoes ripping through your house on a daily! 

I came in Madison’s room yesterday morning and she managed to dump all her bins on the ground, right before the bus was set to show up! To try and engage her to help me clean up, I made it a sorting game and she LOVED it. I would ask her, “Madison do these blocks go here?” She would say, “NOOOO they go over here!” and then she got the hang and finished helping me clean it all up, once she was on the bus, I came back in and did a real quick vacuum.

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry…it never stops! 

This was my quick mid-morning snack/lunch the other day! Garlic pita chips, Sabra pine nut hummus, Tillamook cheese squares and 2 slices honey turkey breast lunch meat. 

Last night before I went shopping with my Mom for Holly’s baptism, I cooked up a batch of my famous (in my household at least) Turkey Chili! We love this stuff! It’s healthy for the kids and filling! 

A great way to use the leftovers is to spoon it over a baked potato with grated cheese on top…YUM…you know what we are having tonight! OR if you want to get real crazy with it, spoon it over Frito’s corn chips and top with grated cheese… oh yeah! 


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