Bryce and I took an evening walk together around the dairy. Just us two, no Sissy, no Dad, no Grandma…just Mommy and Son time. Over the last 3 weeks, we haven’t had any quality time with the hospital stays and Madison. So the other night Bus and I went for a walk, I brought my camera that was a little “dusty” and Bus brought his invention. 

We started the walk with small talk, how’s school, friends, Pokemon cards etc. Then as we were walking he said, “I hope no one see my invention?!??” 

My response- Why? 

Bryce- Because they will laugh at me!

Me- Who?

Bryce- Julio. (one of our milkers)

Me- Bryce listen, you invent awesome inventions that no one sees but you. You are talented and you should own anything you invent…even if it doesn’t work out. Atleast you are inventing something that could be amazing and they are not. Be proud of what you invent, even if it’s silly or funny looking. If it makes you happy, that’s all that matter to me or you. Next time you feel insecure about your invention in front of someone just think in your mind, “Yeah I invented something awesome, what now?!?” 

Bryce and I both started laughing, I gave him a big hug and kiss and told him that I love him and I think everything you invent is worth being proud of.

After our little heart-to-heart we finished our walk, smiling, enjoying the crisp air and the beauty around us. 

The supplies he used for his invention were an old remote control monster truck, a manuel clay pigeon thrower, and some yellow cord.

Hi cows…don’t mind us.

Oh how I missed taking pictures…ON A CAMERA, not a phone!!!

This little monster truck followed us all around the dairy with out one thing going wrong, I say it was a successful invention!

My little inventor…

p.s. How do you raise kids not to worry about what other people think?


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