Well hello Blog Peeps…long time no talk!!!

To be specific, April 24th was my last post before my world flipped upside down…

If you don’t follow me on instagram, I highly recommend you do. @therealmehaffeymoments I’ve been posting there over the past 3 weeks.

So lets catch you all up to speed, even if you do follow me on insta.

Three weeks ago yesterday, Madison came home from school with stomach flu like symptoms. In the next few days it escalated pretty quickly and we took her to the E.R. Where there they did, pardon the t.m.i., a stool culture and gave her i.v. fluids and told us to come back if things worsen. 

So the next day they call and say they have the results over her culture and it turns out she has e coli. Now there are strains of e coli that live in your intestines and there is a specific strain that is not good and causes great deals of stomach pain and can result in h.u.s.

The next day we went back to the E.R. and transported down to Palomar hospital, which has a children’s wing, and the next day we were transferred down to the main campus in San Diego to be with kidney specialist because she was showing signs of acute kidney failure.

By this time a lot has happened in the last 24 hours and your are trying understand what is going on?!??

Next thing you know you are giving consent to intubate your child and then they are talking dialysis, and operations for a dialysis catheter…

Talk about emotional, exhausting, what in the world is happening to our daughter sorta day! Jarret and I immediately started crying, trying to hold it together, but the flood of emotions came back from when she was in the N.I.C.U. at the same hospital for 4 1/2 months. The Dr.s of course are telling you worse case scenarios, and you are just trying to understand what is happening…

So let’s skip forward a week. Now she is receiving daily dialysis for lack of kidney function. Your daughter is intubated, your not sure how long this is going to last or go on, so you are taking this one day at a time. You miss your son, husband, house and anything that was normal in your life. All the while selling your house, which is in escrow and peeps wanting papers etc…

Talk about your world getting flipped upside down and landing on it’s ear!

All the kidney specialists and dialysis nurses said, one day the kidney’s can decide on their own to wake up and start working again. Madison received dialysis for 8 days and the next day they gave her body a break and that afternoon she PEED!!! Her kidney function was slowly coming back after this point and we were praying everyday that this would continue to go in the right direction and so far it is. (Knock on Wood!!!) 

We are now home, with the help of all of your prayers, family-friends-followers and we are so thankful. 

Right now we are being followed closely by her p.c.p and kidney specialists with blood work every few days and a modified renal diet. 

I can’t explain how happy, content, and proud I am of Madison, she is so strong and brave. And for Bryce and Jarret, we made it through, another storm together…The Mehaffey’s are fighters!   


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