Getting back to normal is hard…especially when you come back to a not normal environment!!!

When Madison and I came home from the hospital our house was packed up in a storage Pod and hauled off to it’s new location. Which left the Mehaffey clan living out of suitcases and at my Mom and Dad’s house. I have my computer here, and I had planned on posting a whole bunch of fun stuff before she got sick and it all kinda went out the window and I’m trying to find my bearings again…

Not to mention Bryce had his LAST 5 week homework packet and geography project due this week! Few, I am so glad summer vacation is just a few days away. 

What HAS been going on besides changing mailing addresses and washing our 5 pairs of clothes over and over, haha!

Bryce has been into Pokemon cards! All the boys in his class love to trade and play at lunch or at recess. Now he has a binder to keep all his Poke’s in. 

I don’t get the whole Pokemon card thing but, I love seeing how into it he gets! 🙂

Since I has access to a kitchen again, I have been cooking and baking again. Yesterday morning I made Pancake mini muffins for the kids and who ever else wanted these yummy and delicious bites.

I used Laura Vitale’s recipe, here is the link! Pancake Mini-Muffins

Off to get Bryce and Madison breakfast and get him ready for school.



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