Every few months all the tractors on the dairy need to be serviced to insure good “tractor-health” and to keep all our equipment running smoothly. A lot of our equipment is older, so bringing them to the front of the shop for new filters and fluids is really important!

We are a do it yourself family to save money and it’s good to know how to work on your own tractors. In our family we have a long list of mechanics, from Grandpa who taught auto-shop, Uncles who are mechanics, and my Dad who taught Jer and Uncle Ty (my brother) how to mechanic on tractors. Now it is Bryce’s turn to learn the ropes!

Bryce is a very visual learner, and likes to work with his hands…just like his Uncle Ty.

Now for the anti-freeze.

Jer trying to get the oil filter seated in it’s spot properly. 

Maddie was being a good girl sitting in her stroller while Dad and Bryce were working.  She still has to take it easy physically, so no long walks down to the dairy because it tires her out. BUT I am glad she isn’t fighting me to be in her stroller!?

Next up after filters and fluids was, greasing.  Jer held the end to the grease fitting, while Bryce pumped the grease.

We do have an electric grease gun which is in Missouri, but Bryce said to Jer, “We have to do it the old fashioned way huh?” It put a smile on our faces, some of the things he says can’t be made up!

Madison was getting tired of sitting in her stoller, so I had to pull out reinforcments, lollipops! She said, “Look mom, a seven!” Good job Maddie, she’s is such a smarty pants…

Her clothing attire recently, while she’s still recovering, consists of sweatshirts-pjs-socks and hair in a messy bun or french braids. If I could get a way with it…I would!!!

Then came Bryce’s first lesson on shooting a pellet gun. This gun is Uncle Ty’s, so it’s a little too big, and a little too heavy.

Jer was teaching him about using a scope, how to hold etc. 

Bryce has been waiting for this day for a long time!!!

Maddie was getting antsy.

Lesson one was in the books. AND later that evening while going to Walmart for juice, Jer caved and surprised Bryce with a new Daisy pellet gun! One that is his size, alot lighter and smaller!

Teachings of mechanics, servincing on tractors and shooting guns will be continued…


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