Yesterday Madison and I drove into town to turn in her I.E.P. and to meet the special education director for the elementary school. Her name was Mrs. Pruett, she is so nice and it turned out she lives right down the road from us! After we were finished there, I had a whole bunch of missed calls, and texts saying we are coming into town meet us at the chinese buffet! Chinese buffet…I didn’t even know our town had a Chinese buffet??? 

So since I didn’t know where to go, they told me to meet them at the bank off of the main drag. When I met them at the bank, of course parked next to a nice Amish man and his buggy, Ty jumped in an led the way. Sidebar-if you didn’t know, we have a big population of Amish in our small town and they are at the bank all the time.  The Chinese food was pretty good, it wasn’t some of the flavors we are use to, but for a small town…not too bad!

So on our way back to the dairy, Ty rode with me back and Mahalia and my Mom took care of a few stops she had to make in town. While also getting a flat tire and limping to the “Tire-Shed”, not me- Mahalia and Mom. haha!

This picture above is our “main” road from the dairy to town, 5 miles of beautiful country roads.

This picture was taken, taking the back road into the dairy…another back country road, BUT so picture perfect!

Funny story- Ty told me this is the back way into the dairy from town, so if I ever take it, or need to. BUT he never told me there was a little water fall going through the road! So when we came around the turn he says, Whoa be careful you have to drive over the waterfall, all loud and scary like. Me- What!!? Wait! Is it safe? So I got out to look how deep and it literally was about 1-2 inches deep at the deepest points on top. But it is all hard rock, soft and smooth from the water and the water was warm because the rocks are heated up from the sun. Of course no one was coming so I waved the kids to come out of the car to see how pretty it was and to show them all the little fish swimming through.

They both thought it was so cool and Madison loved seeing the little fish swim! A few moments later since she was just wearing flip flops, she slipped on a slippery rock and few, I yelled Ty get her, and he ran and slipped to…SO Uncle Ty and Madison both had a laugh and a wet ride home…lol!

Right up on the hill where the road curves an Amish family lives there and this is one of their horses grazing. How pretty is it that they get to look, and hear that little waterfall???

Here is a front view of the face of the falls. I am sure there are grammatical errors in that sentence but…oh well! I can sit and look at that waterfall for hours. I only had my camera phone with me so next time I want to bring my camera, and maybe I need to start carrying my camera in the car too!

Switching gears, here is a field of hay Ty laid down. Today I think he is planning on raking it and then bailing. Those gates I showed you the other day that lead down to the bottom pasture…this is where they lead!

Then when we were heading back from checking the hay on the bottom pasture I stopped to take a picture of this little bunch of natural growing daisies.

Now to continue to unpack, get use to the humidity and letting the kids play in the water!

Happy Wednesday, 


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