Yesterday I had a great day! In the morning the kids and I all got ready while Jer was finishing up his morning chores to run to the “big-city” to get groceries for the week, have a birthday lunch and pick up a new-used washer from Lowe’s. 

I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post about the washer here not draining the water out, and it had a full load of laundry in it…??? Yeah that wasn’t fun, I picked all the clothes out, rung them out in the sink, placed them in a dirty clothes basket and continued to scoop out the water with a cup! 

On our way home it rained SO HARD on us, we had to slow down to about 40 miles an hour because the windshield wiper blades couldn’t keep up! One thing about the rain here is it rains so hard in a short amount of time and then just shuts off like a light switch. Last night we had a big rain/thunder/lighting storm too!

When we got back home Jer and Bryce had a little bit of time before they had to start milking. Bryce the last few days has helped his Dad milk the afternoon milking. I made a deal with him that if he helps his Dad with an entire shift of milking I will pay him $2.00. 

Only for milking an entire afternoon shift…not for chores around the house or if we need help with projects on the dairy. I think kids should earn some sorta incentive for working, doing a “job”, seeing how hard work does payoff, and also to learn the value of a dollar. 

Maddie was waiting patiently for Brother to get done spraying out the barn. She first came out of the house in flip-flops and walked into the barn while her Dad was doing wash-up and said, “Oh-No, I need my boots on!” So we made our way back for her to get her boots too. Those boots she’s wearing were actually Bryce’s when he was little. I miss him being little…

Next they needed to scrape the wash pen out. Madison loved it because she was able to help, and when they were all done she said, “Oh-No, I need more poop!” Haha!

After the kids scraped the wash-pen, and pushed up the feed, we needed to let the cows out and fill up the water trough. The cows are really digging the water trough in the pasture and drinking a ton of water out there!!!

Have a great Monday, the start to another week, hopefully I will be finished with my boxes today…that’s the plan! 😉


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