Besides Jer having to carry Madison out of Sam’s Club kicking and screaming for punching her brother…we had a good Father’s Day! 🙂

The day started out by Jer working and helping Ty with all the morning chores, and when he was finished we headed into Springfield for the day. We planned on surprising the kids with seeing Inside-Out at the movies. Then going to the Bass Pro Shop, getting something to eat, and at the end of our outings doing our grocery shopping. 

When we do our big grocery shopping and you drive into the big city, it’s so hot and humid outside that you have to bring your ice chest, cold bags etc. or by the time you get home your food is either melted or at room temp…no bueno! Also you usually have to go to two stores, you can’t get everything at Sam’s Club. But right next to Sam’s is a Walmart Grocery Store, not a Walmart Super Store, an actual Grocery Store…it’s kinda cool?! 

So first up was the movies and the kids were excited! Bryce has been wanting to see Inside-Out and this was Madison’s first time going to the movies. Usually in the past we left her home with Grandma, but no-can-do, and we thought she would actually enjoy this movie. It’s hard for her to sit for that long of periods but she did great…a little antsy but awesome!

I think it helped that the seats were leather recliners! She said she was cold and she needed a blankie, luckily I keep two blankets in the car for them, so I ran out and got her’s.

This movie is all about people’s emotion and Madison has a hard time processing her emotions or taking in other peoples emotions, so it was actually pretty interesting for me to see how she processed this movie. A couple times she looked at me very serious like and just stared at me like she didn’t want to watch. She takes it very seriously when people are crying or sad, but she enjoyed this movie! 

See?! Snug as a cozy bug!

Bryce said he was going to take a little nap while waiting for the movie to start.

Then we went to the granddaddy of all Bass Pro Shops, this is their main store, it’s huge!!! It said it spans over 500,000 square feet, it has museums, waterfalls, aquariums, streams running through, firing range, golfing range…you name it, it’s here!

It’s definitely a tourist stop because more people were there to walk around than purchase. Kinda like us, but we did purchase one thing, a Carhartt belt for Jer, he was in desperate need of a belt. 

Maddie and Bryce LOVED all the aquariums, bridges and walkways. They even had a big underwater and out of water display for turtles and crocodiles! 

There was a lot of boats on display that you can climb into and of course Bryce was pretending he caught the big one, haha!

Huge bronzed sculptures are placed around the store like this which are ginormous. I wonder how they got him in…?

After the Pro Shop we grabbed a bite to eat and went to get our groceries. By this time Madison was on a sugar high and no nap craziness like you wouldn’t believe!!! She was running up and down the aisles like a wild women.  She kept chanting, “Here’s the windup and the PITCH!” She would sing that when she would pass people as she ran by and pretend she threw the ball at them. What are you gonna do…? At one point I said to myself, ‘”If you can’t beat’em, join’em and I told her, “Here’s the wind up and the HUG” and gave her a big squeeze.”‘  

At the end of father’s day Jer took a long nice nap in the car on the way back home, I was hoping the kids would fall asleep but no go there, gggrrrrrrr…

I have to say Jarret is the best Dad to his kids and a great example to Bryce and Madison of what a father should be, WE LOVE YOU DAD!!! 


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