Yesterday Jer, Bryce, Ty, Johnny (Ty’s friend) and I worked about 60 head of cattle through the shoot. Jer preg-checked them and we vaccinated, wormed, fly sprayed and kept records of any open heifers, which were then sorted and put in a different corral. It was hot, humid and the air was still, but this was the time to do it before we were hit by “tropical storm Bill”.  It’s raining outside right now as I type, good thing we got all that done or we would of all been in our rain suits soaking wet!

Madison stayed inside with Mahalia because it wasn’t the safest place for her to be, the ally-way system and gates aren’t set up exactly how we would want for maximum efficiency and safety. It will get there though! 

 When I went out to work, Mahalia and Madison went to her room to open some unopened boxes of toys she has. I knew when we’d open them she would be very excited, it was like finding toys she hasn’t seen in a long time that are her favorites.

Madison’s favorite toys are anything to do with building, anything to do with sensory play and anything to do with little characters or animals. There you have it, the big 3, those have been her all time toys for a while and she had them all to play with yesterday.

This kinetic sand / cloud dough was so fun for her to play with. The texture is so soft, but you can mold it like sand and it stays together because it has some sort of magnetic field!?! Kinda Awesome!

Here is the link where you can purchase the sand on Amazon.

The Sands Alive kit was given to her for Christmas, so I am not sure where they purchased it from, but you can find the refill sand, starter kits and molding toys online.

Next she started playing with her Magna-Tiles and Picasso Tiles! These are a little pricey in my opinion but WELL worth the extra coin. She has played with these for years and I highly recommend them to anyone with toddlers and young kids. 

Magna-Tiles and Picasso Tiles are the same thing, just different brands. BUT the Picasso Tiles are a little less pricey, still pricey but mom approved and encouraged!!!

Here’s the link for the Picasso-Tiles starter kit! 

Then she put all three of her favorite toys together to make a little box, filled with snow. She then placed her Daniel Tiger characters in the snow, she said they were playing…

I just love her and her imagination!

See those two little dots on the left side of her chest? Those are her scares from her dialysis catheters. It seems like it was so long ago, but really it has only been 6 weeks! When you look at her you would never know how severely sick she was. She’s amazing!  

Switching gears just a tiny bit, haha, is the link to the pancake mini-muffins I made for breakfast yesterday!

I made plain, chocolate chip and blueberry! They’re so good and convenient for the guys to come in, grab a handful and go.

Pancake Mini-Muffin recipe, click here

All for now, talk to you tomorrow!

Byeee, byee!


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