I finally set my main computer up yesterday! The computer I transfer all my photos from my big-girl camera on, the computer that holds my life and everything that’s important to me. (OK, that was a bit dramatic! 🙂

Before I was just using my Chromebook (laptop) for updating you on the blog and all the photos have been from my phone. As much as a I love picture taking from my phone, and instagram, I still love pictures from my Canon better! I know sometimes it’s bulky to pull out your big camera and all but, I’ll be luging a bit camera around forever. I get that from my Papa, he always from when I can remember has had a camera with him where ever he goes. 

So today I want to share with you all my favorite spot on the dairy right now, I have shared a few pictures from that area on from my phone, BUT not pictures from my camera!

Oh before I forget, there’s Harley our lab, he is doing great out here and loves everything about the farm…especially the pond near by where he can go cool himself off!

I am so glad the dogs are transitioning well.

Here is the entrance to the lower pasture and the gateway to the upper pasture. 

On farms all your pastures have little names, upper pasture, lower pasture, triangle pasture, front pasture, loafing barn pasture; ok you get the idea. It’s the way you identify the areas on the farm and everyone knows the location your talking about.

This right here is what I love: the gates aren’t perfect or new, they have character, their bent-rusted, don’t match, it’s understated. Understated because when you go through those gates it’s magical underneath those trees. It’s like a little fairy forest.

There’s our other dog “Tuff” Jer’s work dog/companion/man’s bestfriend. He goes wherever his master goes.

When you are underneath the trees and vegetation, it all grows together intertwined through the barbed wire and old posts.

Here’s a look going the opposite direction looking towards the gates. My favorite spot of the moment!

On the bottom pasture there’s a pond too. It’s sits higher than the pasture in the trees. 

This pond looks so pretty in the wintertime when the snow is all around. 

Now I have to go see about getting the washer fixed, it’s filled with water and won’t drain…GREAT!


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