Yesterday was the day of everything not going right…

First I was supposed to go to a neighboring town to the local D.M.V to register my car and update my license. Before I could do that, I emptied out a trailer we brought that was full of stuff, because my brother needed it to haul beef cattle that morning, and it was super humid due to a summer thunderstorm.  Now I was all sticky from the heat. lol!

After that was all finished up, the kids were showing some brotherly-sister love by fighting and arguing with each other while I was getting my paperwork together for us to leave. Now the last thing I needed was my social security card and birth certificate, easy-I brought my little safe with me in our car…BUT then I couldn’t find the key!!!!!! I was positive I set the keys out and put them in my purse or a bag I brought with other keys, no such luck. I then realized I think I packed them in the Pod. Which by this time the Pod was not here yet! Great….

So now we aren’t leaving because I can’t do anything with out my birth certificate or passport. Oh and Jer informed me he left his safe key in California on his key ring at the dairy…winning! Trying to switch gears and be positive, Bryce and I started our summer review for second grade. We are using the Moffatt Girl’s second grade review packet, I had it printed & bound before we came. 

Once we finished school, signed Bryce up for a one day football summer camp, and came to terms with things not going as planned we went outside for a little walk and to investigate a possible fresh cow.

Yep, there she was in all her cuteness! Brand new, mom was still cleaning her off.

Then we came back so the kids could play in their sand table while we waited for the Pod to arrive.

Oh so silly, my little Mehaffey’s…

Finally…the Pod arrived!!!

Now the fun and the unpacking begins, we can now start getting settled into the house and the kids can get their toys and rooms set up.

The frazzled mom, haha…

p.s. I forgot to mention when the Pod arrived I couldn’t get the door open for a good 1/2 hour due to things shifting during the drive out! After we finally got it open, a few pieces of things didn’t make it. That’s all! 🙂


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