While Maddy was taking her much needed afternoon nap, Jer was filling up the water tank so we can water the pasture for the second time. It’s so humid out, the cows are drinking A LOT of water so we have to make sure the water trough is always full! 

It’s funny because majority of the time she calls me from her bed to tell me she’s awake and then I go and get her, usually. Now every once and awhile she will come down the stairs on her own in a super good mood and tell us she’s awake. She came down on her own yesterday in a fantastic mood, thank the heavens, and we went out to water! 

The kids love to play in the water as it fills up and she told me she found a “friend-boy”.  

The friend-boy was a little beetle type bug and she said he couldn’t find his family.

She presumed to tell me how cute he is and he’s a firend, oh my little Maddy, she is a lover of all creatures… 

When the water was almost to the top she said her hair wanted to go in the water. Oh your hair did…?

Mady- See Mom my hair went swimming!

Me- Yeah I see that, did your hair want to get wet or did Maddy…? 

I love when they think they’re tricking you… 

She is such a little smarty-pants and I love it!


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