The last few days Jer has been at a “Pasture Management” school put on by the University of Missouri extension program. It was 3 full days, 8am-5pm, of intense grazing, watering, fertilizing and different feeds to grow for optimum grazing. Jer loved it…you have to dairy differently down here compared to California to be successful, and he is absorbing it all and bringing the info back, sharing it and now we are trying to implement what we can. 

First stop, placing a water trough in the pasture they are grazing in at the time. He learned that cattle will not graze farther than 800 feet from a water source. If we want them to graze the pasture and utilize as much of the field we needed to bring water to them.    

Madison and I had just got back from the D.M.V in a neighboring town when they were filling up the “water-truck”. I had to renew my license, and also register my car, but I didn’t have all the right paperwork to register the car so I will have to go back in the next week of two. But the D.M.V. had one person in line and you pull a laminated card and take a seat. Madison was singing (loudly) while I was taking a verbal driving test, “I have to go potty-I have to go potty…” you get the picture, I was mortified and apologized! #momlife 

Back to operation water trough, we arrived just in time to help and be a part of the project. Maddie wanted to be with her Daddy, she has missed him while he’s been at school.

If you are wondering why Ty is on a bike in the background it’s because, Bryce and Ty were going to ride bikes out to the pasture. He looked like a skinny Parisian, riding across a big grass field. haha! Bryce loves having his Uncle Ty again…

The water troughs we have on the property, that aren’t being used, all have holes in them or cracks. This is the one that needed the least amount of work. Jer and Ty patched the few areas areas with supplies we had in the shop and we are ready to go!

As soon as the water trough was patched, we flipped it over and went to let the cows out of the loafing barn to lead them to water.

Here they come!

Huh…what’s this, water??? We have water out in the pasture!!! (In my best scooby-cow-doo voice) 

They loved it, we checked later in the day if they were still out where we wanted them and they were! Great job Jer!

Next Jer asked me to take a ride with him to check the dry cows and heifers for possible close-ups. We found them all underneath a big shaded area, staying nice and cool. 

The kids have been staying nice and cool by playing in the water all day, either in their water slide that we brought from home or a cute little pool Mahalia bought them!

The Little-Tikes inflatable water-slide-pool has kept them having so much fun together and enjoying the fun in the sun.

Here’s the pool Mahalia picked up for the kiddos, I think both picks were taken when Maddie was napping, haha, all this water play makes for one tired Mehaffey!

Now to finish unpacking the kitchen and getting ready for the thunderstorms rolling in!!!

I hope you are enjoying all these pics, and me being back to daily blogging or as much as I can!!!

p.s. Today is my Dad’s birthday, Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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