The kids and I have been doing pretty well transitioning to mid-western life over here so far. The biggest thing for us Californians to get used to is the weather differences! We are used to high temp. summers and dry conditions. We are not so used to humidity, rain and mugginess! I wonder if you ever get used to the humidity??? I have no problem getting used to the rain though…and as you can see below we need new umbrellas. The one we own (black/white) is cracked at the handle and the other one is an umbrella for the kid’s picnic table, haha!

Madison the first day kept asking about my Mom, and she wanted Grandma to come back…

I told her she has to be with Grandpa and take care of the dogs, something she can understand, keep it simple.  

Now she is doing pretty well as long as she doesn’t miss her nap in the afternoon! 😉 We have been keeping pretty busy though unpacking, helping outside…the days go by fast.

Bryce has been doing really well! He has turned into quite the helper boy for his Dad.

Both our kiddos are always pretty good as long as they have their Dad & Mom…and wifi! 

Bryce and I have been doing summer school, second grade review and reading a book everyday. Usually we work on school Monday-Thursday and he has Friday-Sunday off. I love homeschooling him over the summer!

The RAIN…these mid-western storms roll in as fast as they roll out, it amazing to watch! One minute the suns out and next the sky goes grey and it just starts dumping rain; literally raining “cats and dogs!” 

Jer and Bryce went to gather the cows off the pasture and got caught in a torrential down pour. Bryce said they were ambushed by the rain, he didn’t see it coming! They were caught way out there and completely soaked, but they had huge smiles on their faces and memories were made. Those are the times when you say, “remember when this happened Dad…”

Jer yesterday was busy welding and getting caught up on little things around the dairy. They really should be baling feed right now, but no can do in the rain. He was welding a round bale feeder that needed some repair, it was the perfect time to weld because it was cool outside and lightly sprinkling. Jer has been doing great on the transition and loves everything about it out here.

Now if you are wondering how I am doing, I am doing really good! As long as I get to talk with my family over the phone whenever I want I am good. My kids are happy, Jer is happy, so I am happy! My days go by fast with cooking/making three meals a day, cleaning, taking care of my house/mommy duties, office work, blogging, helping Jer, unpacking…you get the picture, I kinda haven’t had anytime to miss anything. The one thing I will say hands down is, I miss my Little Miss Holly B (my 7 month old niece) I wish I could just squeeze her and kiss her little chunkiness anytime I want…but I guess I will have to settle for September when I can see her again… 🙁 By then she will be crawling and possibly pulling herself up!

All in all, we Mehaffey’s are transitioning pretty well. As long as we have each other, everyone is healthy (praise The Lord) and we are doing what makes us happy, I say we are doing alright.


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